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love songs for the hell of it.
I'm so depressed/angry about the ending of Mass Effect 3 that I decided to...put together a playlist of all of the romance songs (all of which are either sweet or sad) I enjoy. Makes total sense, right?

These songs in particular have been played or at least in the back of my mind while I've been playing with these new characters and thinking about their relationships with each other, or their relationships with Sev's characters.

Now, obviously I'm not putting up download links, mainly because I'm not going to chance it after all of the SOPA bullshit. If you can't view it due to being in a different region, though, I'll see what I can do.

lovesong - adele [youtube]
whenever i'm alone with you
you make me feel like i am home again
whenever i'm alone with you
you make me feel like i am whole again

whenever i'm alone with you
you make me feel like i am young again
whenever i'm alone with you
you make me feel like i am fun again

however far away, i will always love you
however long i stay, i will always love you
whatever words i say, i will always love you
i will always love you

heaven forbid - the fray [youtube]
twenty years, it's breaking you down
now that you understand there's no one around
take a breath, just take a seat
you're falling apart and tearing at the seams

heaven forbid you end up alone, you don't know why
hold on tight, wait for tomorrow, you'll be alright

it's on your face, is it on your mind?
would you care to build a house of your own?
how much longer, how long can you wait?
it's like you wanted to go and give yourself away

swallowed in the sea - coldplay [youtube]
oh, what good is it to live
with nothing left to give?
forget but not forgive
not loving all you see

oh, the streets you're walking on
a thousand houses long
well, that's where i belong
and you belong with me
not swallowed in the sea

memories (someone we'll never know) - clint mansell [youtube]

world spins madly on - the weepies [youtube]
i woke up and wished that i was dead
with an aching in my head
i lay motionless in bed
i thought of you and where'd you gone
and let the world spin madly on

tremble - charlotte martin [youtube]
we're wild and tame and wild again
we're on and off sometimes friends
with failed attempts we analyze
the strange suggestions we disguise
i let our kiss fall behind a stone

i read the corners of your mouth
i try to speak but have no sounds
i'm out to get you any way
under the starlit milky way
i let the spark become a blaze

uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
i am in too deep now so it doesn't matter
how far i go, how long i run after you
uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
i can't stop myself from feeling the tremble
uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
i don't have control over this without you

i never tried to cross the line
but in my mind did several times
i turn the page and slam the door
but you still linger even more
i still can taste you in my bordeaux

i'm not calling you a liar - florence + the machine (dragon age 2 version) [youtube]
i'm not calling you a liar
just don't lie to me
i'm not calling you a thief
just don't steal from me
i'm not calling you a ghost
just stop haunting me
i love you so much,
i'm gonna let you kill me

there's a ghost in my lungs and it sighs in my sleep
wraps itself around my tongue as it softly speaks
then it walks, then it walks with my legs
to fall, to fall, to fall at your feet

there but for the grace of God go i
and when you kiss me, i am happy enough to die

love theme - jack wall and sam hulick (mass effect) [youtube]

a little's enough - angels and airwaves [youtube]
when all is said and done
will we still feel pain inside?
will the scars go away with night?
try to smile for the morning light
it's like the best dream to have
where everything is not so bad
every tear is so alone
like God himself is coming home to say

i, i can do anything
if you want me here
and i can fix anything
if you let me near
where are those secrets now
that you're too scared to tell?
i'd whisper them all aloud
so you can hear yourself

i'm sorry i have to say it but you look like you're sad
your smile is gone; i've noticed it bad
the cure is if you let in just a little more love
i promise you this, a little's enough

hate that i love you - rihanna feat. neyo [youtube]
one of these days, maybe your magic won’t affect me
and your kiss won’t make me weak
but no one in this world knows me the way you know me
so you’ll probably always have a spell on me

labor of love - michael giacchino (star trek) [youtube]

9 crimes - damien rice and lisa hannigan [youtube]
leave me out with the waste
this is not what i do
it's the wrong kind of place
to be thinking of you
it's the wrong time
for somebody new
it's a small crime
and i got no excuse

and is that alright? yeah
give my gun away when it's loaded
that alright? yeah
if you don't shoot it how am i supposed to hold it?

heavy in your arms - florence and the machine [youtube]
i was a heavy heart to carry
my beloved was weighted down
my arms around your neck
my fingers laced to his crown

i was a heavy heart to carry
my feet dragged across the ground
and he took me to the water
where he slowly let me drown

my love has concrete feet
my love's an iron ball
wrapped around your ankles
over the waterfall

after the storm - mumford & sons [youtube]
and now i cling to what i knew
i saw exactly what was true
but oh no more, that's why i hold
that's why i hold with all i have, that's why i hold

and i will die alone and be left there
well, i guess i'll just go home, oh God knows where
because death is just so full and mine so small
well, i'm scared of what's behind and what's before

but there will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears
and love will not break your heart but dismiss your fears
get over your hill and see what you find there
with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

someone to die for - jimmy gnecco feat. brian may [youtube]
before you ended
i had a will but didn't know what it could do
you were abandoned
and still you're handing out what you don't wanna lose
you make me drop things
like all the plans i had for a life without you

someone to die for
someone to fall into when the world goes dark
someone to die for
someone to tear a hole in this endless night
like you

i'm drunk when sober
the room is spinning, you are what i hold onto
you're taking over
i find that giving in is the best i can do

it's good to be in love - frou frou [youtube]
it's good to be in love
it really does suit you
just like everything
i'm happy you're in love
because every color goes where you do

i feel so powerless
i've got to stop it somehow
oh, come on, what can i do?
why's it happening?
how's it happening without me?
how's it happening that he feels it without me?


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