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I promise I'll show you love
My journal's been too depressing lately. Here, a meme I stole from tumblr!

Comment with a fandom and I'll give you:

- 3 favorite relationships
- 3 favorite characters
- 3 favorite moments
- 3 reasons I like/love that fandom

... And just for kicks, if you're interested, since I've been on a music kick lately.

Give me a character/relationship/fandom and I'll name at least one song that reminds me of them.

You should know my fandoms by now. If not, feel free to check out my icons or the listing here for a better idea. (I'm aware that my listing gives away ships, but I'll try and sum up my main three for this meme.)

Real life business: Dragon Age 2 is still a project. Been meaning to pick up my transcript from college but haven't gotten around to it yet. Finally got out of the house and went shopping at the mall today and picked up a lot of cute stuff - and I had a Nostalgia Bomb drop on me when I discovered my favorite Backstreet Boys CD on sale at FYE for $5. It's the same one I played on repeat when I was twelve or thirteen. NO REGRETS!

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Let's go with Final Fantasy X this time!

I still haven't beaten the game--which um...I should, because what the hell, the game's been sitting there for months--so forgive me if the 3 favorite moments suck! Also, I added a second meme if you want to add onto that.

3 favorite relationships
Tidus/Yuna because it's sweet canon love, Auron/Rikku because of how much they annoy each other, and although I didn't really see it at first, I like how Wakka starts empathizing with Rikku when he sees the destruction of her home, and he actually starts to see her as a person rather than seeing her as an Al Bhed in an insensitive manner.

3 favorite characters
Yuna grew to be my favorite once I realized why she had to be as passive as she was throughout the whole story, Tidus, and Auron. I love everyone except Seymour, though, so it's probably an unofficial listing of my favorite characters.

3 favorite moments
+ The beginning of the game, when Sin first attacks during the game, and the song "Otherworld" plays in the background. It definitely set the mood.
+ When Rikku is begging people to stay in the inn before venturing towards the thunder plains because she's afraid of thunderstorms.
+ When Tidus and Yuna kiss and we get that super pretty cutscene.

3 things I like/love about the fandom
I have to admit that I don't venture out into the fandom too often. Final Fantasy fandom is...intimidating. D:

Edited at 2011-03-14 02:10 am (UTC)

Final Fantasy X is actually one of the games on a very short list of console games that I've beaten! There are like...two or three other console games that I've beaten, and that's it. Portable games? No sweat. Otherwise, I tend to play it a lot, stop, then restart the game OR wander around wondering what I did last and finally give up on it until the next time the urge to play it hits me. XD

Auron/Rikku oh my heart. ♥ And I agree about the relationship between Wakka and Rikku. It's really interesting, and their personalities mesh so nicely. It was actually one of the signs that I've finally infected my brother with my love for non-canon pairings when he admitted that he totally shipped them, haha.

I love the scene in the Thunder Plains! And, omg, the Tidus/Yuna kiss was so gorgeous, although Tidus' teeth always bother me whenever the cute scenes are animated in that style. But, other than that, I agree so hard with your love for it.

I've only really dipped my toe into the fandom. Joined the Auron/Rikku community, surfed around reading Auron/Rikku fic, and... that was about it, really.

That's how I usually am with RPGs. The only one I hadn't been flakey over is Dragon Age. I got obsessed and played those games straight until I got to the end and beat them. Final Fantasy games? I'll just randomly stop playing them, wander off to another game, then remember, "Oh wait, I was playing that other game, what was it...?" D: I will beat it! Someday!

Hee, I love when you can infect your siblings that way, especially your brother. I've yet to pass on my multi-shipping to my little sister, but I think I'm getting there.

The Thunder Plains is my favorite part in the whole game! Deceptive, cheerful music while everyone runs to avoid their deaaaaaths. And oh man, now I'm going to stare at Tidus' teeth the next time I play the game. I never notice those things until someone else mentions them, then I'll just obsess over them. XD

I really want to look more into Auron/Rikku, but I'm waiting until I actually beat the game. It seems to be something I'd love to look around for, especially with fanfiction to please me.

Predictable but.. Teen Titans :)

Hooray, Teen Titans! Oh, I also added a second meme if you're interested in that as well.

3 favorite relationships
It's a hard call since I'm not counting crack pairings, but I'm going with Beast Boy/Terra, Starfire/Raven, and Starfire/Robin. The last two aren't necessarily satisfying in a romantic sense to me, but Starfire's friendship with Raven is adorable and I do know that Robin really cares about Starfire's well-being and she cares about him.

3 favorite characters
Terra, Lightning, Gizmo. It's another hard call because I LOVE EVERYONE.

3 favorite moments
+ When Terra finally fights back against Slade and stells him, "You can't control me anymore."
+ Starfire's last confrontation with Blackfire in the toon series. It was so satisfying to watch.
+ The whole episode of Robin having hallucinations about Slade. It isn't Robin at his very best, but oh man, fake!Slade shined in that episode.

3 reasons I like/love fandom
But what if I don't love the fandom at all? It was not a good fandom. D: Um, well, I love that everyone loves their own personal ships and it's totally cool with nearly everyone. (I mean, other than the scary canon shippers that like to argue over Robin/Starfire and Robin/Raven. I want nothing to do with those people. And rabid Beast Boy/Raven fans can keep the hell away form me if they start bashing my favorite girl.) I also like the pretty fanart that came out of it, and it's because of the fandom that I got into livejournal roleplaying a met a lot of awesome people.

Okay, I spent more time raging at the fandom than saying why I love it, but there you go. XD;

Avatar? The fandom's totally batshit insane, but still. XD;;;

And if you want to do the second one: Maka? For some reason, I have such a hard time matching songs to SE characters, so this would be good for me. :D :D :D

3 favorite relationships

Mamoru/Usagi, Usagi/Rei (not necessarily romantic, but I do love their interactions so either way I'm happy with anything relating to them), and Hotaru/Chibiusa.

3 favorite characters
Usagi, Setsuna, Naru. I know it's weird calling a minor/secondary character my favorite, but it still kills me that Naru was never meant to be a sailor senshi.

3 favorite moments
+ When Nehelenia gave Usagi ever reason to despise her and give up hope (captured all of her friends, brainwashed Mamoru, practically killed Chibiusa), Usagi still managed to forgive her, and show Nehelenia that she can start over and love herself. When people don't understand how Usagi can be an inspirational role model for girls, I always refer them to that episode.
+ When Setsuna sacrifices her life to save the universe in the manga. I liked the way she did it in the anime, too, but it didn't have the same emotional impact as her sacrifice in the manga did for me. Her death forced the brainwashed Chibiusa to finally wake up to what she was doing and remember that she actually had friends and a family who loved her. That and I admire Setsuna so much; it always saddens me to see that a lot of fans don't understand her.
+ Nephrite and Naru talking about going out for chocolate parfaits together before he dies. I was so scared that the English dub completely made this up. I loved when she asked him out like that, and I wondered if the Japanese wouldn't live up to that touching little moment or if the dub really did alter their scenes drastically. (Especially since I think dates that involve dessert or ice cream are the sweetest/sexiest kind of dates to be had.) Turns out, that episode in the English dub was hardly altered, save one or two moments that were cut out entirely. And chocolate parfaits were canon. It broke my heart. :(

THERE'S MORE, SO MUCH MORE, BUT I HAVE TO LIMIT IT TO THREE. UGH. Bonus #4: every moment with Mamoru and Usagi ever. Both anime and manga. Always gives me feelings. FOREVER OTP, MY FIRST BABY.

3 things I like/love about the fandom
To be honest, there isn't much I adore about the larger fandom that mostly follows the anime. It's...weird. A lot of fans don't really pay attention or respect the fanon side of things, and they're so obsessed with Mamoru/Usagi and ignore the other characters and moments that are just as important. (And it really confuses me when I meet fans who say they prefer the awful English dub or try to defend how it altered gay relationships to present it as a kid-friendly series. I will never understand it.)

I'll name what I love about the smaller circle I've enjoyed, though!

+ I love that the fandom adores lady friendships and the canon gay romances. I'm not huge on Uranus/Neptune as the other fans are, but I respect what they bring to the audience and what they signify, and it really warms my heart to see that fans embraced their actual relationship rather than preferring the "lol they're cousins" bullshit.
+ The fanart! So pretty and it fulfills every desire I ever wanted from the show and comics.
+ I love that the series is still attracting younger fans, and I hope that if it ever gets revived that the series will continue to draw a younger fanbase.

Edited at 2011-03-18 11:12 pm (UTC)

Yay! One of my favorite Disney movies.

3 favorite relationships
Belle/Beast, Lumiere and Cogsworth, and I always thought Chip's friendship with Belle was cute.

3 favorite characters
Belle and Beast, of course, are my automatic favorites. I can relate a lot to Belle, and Beast just breaks my heart. I also ridiculously love Gaston even though he's such a douchebag and a creep to Belle. I don't know why. I like him for the villain that he is; he's this handsome, strong, adored man who is actually a controlling, sexist bastard underneath the image he puts out for everyone else. Compared to the other Disney villains who were practically drawn bad, he's definitely the oddball of the group.

3 favorite moments
+ I know this is the one that everyone names, but seriously, that library. I want it. I make grabby hands at the TV when I watch the movie. I've had dreams about owning one like that. I would sell my soul to get that library. *_*
+ Belle tossing Gaston out of her house and saying, "I just don't deserve you." I laugh every time.
+ At the end when Belle is at the top of the castle and Beast just looks at her with so much love and says, "You came back," and nothing else mattered. My heaaaaaart.

3 things I like/love about the fandom
+ It amuses me that the majority of fandom really did prefer Beast over Prince Adam's look. Not that I agree with them (actually, I really like what they did with Adam; he still looks like Beast if you squint your eyes and notice his strong nose and his huge chest and arms, and those eyes, srsly), but still, it's cute.
+ The fanfiction! I haven't explored a lot of it, but the little I've read has pleased me so far.
+ In general, Disney fandom is pretty awesome. (Well, most of the time. It's got its issues, too, but thankfully there's nothing too glaring to scare me off.)

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