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and that is far more complicated

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falling slowly, eyes that know me.
I'll post you an "instant" mini-fanmix: a cover and 3-5 songs that remind me of that character/pairing/show/etc. I'll upload the songs and everything!

Um, because I'm bored and I enjoy this meme. Fandoms you should aim for are Teen Titans, Sailor Moon, Soul Eater, Princess Tutu, Nana, Clannad, Hey Arnold!, Final Fantasy VII or IX, Disney, Avatar, and maybe Bleach (depending on which character you give me). Original characters too, if you know any of mine. Oh, and I will take either characters or ships, it doesn't matter!

Nothing eventful in my life is going on at the moment! Might go shopping tomorrow. We'll see.

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I'll Always Be Right There, Michelle Branch
when you're all alone, and you need a light, / someone to guide you through the night/ just remember that I am here, to hold you close and dry your tears

Better, Regina Spektor
you're getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder / and I don't understand, and I don't understand / but if I kiss you where it's sore, if I kiss you where it's sore / will you feel better, better, better?

Breathe Me, Sia
ouch I have lost myself again / lost myself and I am nowhere to be found / yeah I think that I might break / I've lost myself again and I feel unsafe / be my friend / hold me, wrap me up / unfold me / I am small, I'm needy / warm me up and breathe me

Catch Me When I Fall, Ashlee Simpson
I know it seems like people care 'cause they're always around me / but when the day is done and everybody runs, who will be the one to save me from myself? / who will be the one who's there, and not ashamed to see me crawl? / who's gonna catch me when I fall?


... And I just noticed, a month later, that the first song is totally not the Michelle Branch song, but the theme song for friends. What the hell?

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