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not looking for God, only for myself

and that is far more complicated

2 November
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My name is Sam. I'm a liberal female, twenty-two years old. I'm a scorpio/rabbit, a college student, and a part-time employee. This journal exists for rants about real life, memes and fannish obsessive thoughts! I try to be nice and friendly, though I'm a little shy and oversensitive at times. Please verbally smack me if you feel I deserve it, or if I'm too quiet. And feel free to friend me! Alert me first, though, so I know who you are.

♥ : books, video games, comic books, good anime and manga, animated movies, music, roleplaying, psychology, fairy tales and mythology, animals, a nice mixture of fluff and morbid, stories about forbidden romances, canon and crack pairings, baking (especially cookies), rainbow sherbet ice cream, pasta. : bible thumpers, racism, sexism, homophobia, cell phones, bad books, creepy old guys, people who take themselves too seriously.


OTP. No apologies. ♥ Mamoru x Usagi
I will go down with this 'ship. ♥ Nephrite x Naru
I will go down with this 'ship. ♥ Beast Boy x Terra

I claimed Mytho/Rue @ otp_claims
& Nephrite/Naru Osaka @ otp_claims
& Nana Osaki/Nana Komatsu @ otp_claims
& Vincent Valentine/Yuffie Kisaragi @ otp_claims

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